Running Shoes.

I have been a faithful Saucony wearer since I started racing.  I am an overpronater and Saucony shoes fit my desire to wear light, somewhat minimal shoes that still offer a bit of substance.  I have weak ankles and a finicky hip flexor (common overpronating injuries) and the shoes below have worked really well for me.

All-time favorite shoe, giving my foot and ankle the support it needs, while offering a low heel-to-toe drop and a light weight.

This picture is of the Mirage 2, which I haven’t tried yet, but I will give one word of warning from my experience with the original Mirage: the upper wears out fast. My first two pairs had holes in them within the first couple of months, which is not a good look for me…toes peeping out the top.

First pair of Mirages

I called Saucony, but they said they weren’t able to exchange them unless I sent in my pair of shoes so they could assess the damage.  I said, “I can’t send them in!  I run in these!”  And continued to wear them until they basically fell apart.  Still, I’ve bought two more pairs since then and absolutely think they’re the best ever.  I hope Mirage 2 has a more substantial upper.

I ran my first marathon in the Kinvara 2 and give them loads of credit for the time I had.

I can definitely feel the road more when I run in these, and this is a good thing!  You’ll hear runners talk about a shoe being “proprioceptive,” and my definition of proprioception is just feeling the road.  This allows me to be more engaged, think more about pushing off with my forefoot (another good thing), and stay in tune to my body.

I also love the Kinvara 2 because it’s so light.  I feel like I’m flying when I run in these babies.  Watch out, Desi. 🙂


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  • Aron Kinoshita says:

    When it comes to running shoes, i always use those running shoes that are made of synthetic silicone rubber because they are sturdier. .`**, Thanks again health supplements resource

  • Kristi G. says:

    I too overpronate.. I also have low-arhces. I currently have a stability shoe: New Balance 1226’s, which stabilizes my over-pronation.. (I also have hip flexor issues.. my hip flexor actually caused a herniated disk in my low L-7 last April..) I am healthy now, but certainly DO NOT want to re-injur myself. I am getting back in the swing of running, taking it slow- and training for a Full Marathon in April,’13. What do you recommend for low arches support that is also a stability shoe?

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