30 Before 30: The New Glamour Book and the Post that Wasn’t

April 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

I just wrote a really long post in which I waxed eloquent about this article that Steph sent me today and how I’m revising my running/racing goals to allow more space for other parts of my life to develop, aspects of my personality and heart and calling that have been pushed into a cobwebby corner over the past few years.

But the post disappeared.

The Internet gnomes were hungry, I guess.

And now I don’t have time to rewrite it…

Abbreviated version:

I have 2 and a half years before I turn 30. There’s a new book out by the publishers of Glamour magazine called 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.   And for once in Glamour‘s life, its basic premise aligns with a lot of the thoughts I’ve been having lately.  Like, Should I shoot to run Western States 100 before I’m 30? Or, instead, should I shoot to become a more creative, relational, balanced individual?

I have a lot of changes coming up — big moves for me that I haven’t really publicized yet.  While I’d love to be superwoman and take on these changes with gusto and excellence while at the same time re-qualifying for Boston and becoming an ultramarathoner…and, incidentally, authentically investing in my relationships with God and people…I’m not sure that’s really feasible.  Actually, I know it’s not.  I’ve been trying to be superwoman for a while.

So far, no bueno.

Maybe by the time I’m 30.

Until then, I have a lot to do and to live for that doesn’t involve running shoes or the numbers on my Garmin Forerunner 205. I plan to run many more marathons and other races in the years to come, but that’s one thing the article said women need to realize: there are years to come.  I don’t have to cram it all in now, at age 27.

There will be more Bostons.  There will be more weekly mileage goals and speed workouts and gorgeous mornings to explore on foot.  In the meantime, where is my focus?  Where am I offering value to people around me?

Just thoughts.


§ 6 Responses to 30 Before 30: The New Glamour Book and the Post that Wasn’t

  • just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post. I worry often about putting too much emphasis on running when I could learn to be balanced in other aspects of my life (faith, personal relationships, etc). I ran in college and took several years off because I felt I focused to much on numbers/running. I have the itch again but realize that I can’t live all my life 100% dedicated to running. There is a season for everything!

    • Rebekah says:

      Thanks, Stephanie! I am on a lifelong journey toward balance. God is so gracious, and I love that He takes us through seasons, like you said. Maybe this is a season for you to scratch the itch again! 🙂

  • cottercrunch says:

    eeek, you just reminded me that i have only one more year. LOL!

  • auntlez says:

    your value to all of us in your world is immeasurable and unfathomable. your eyes shine with the light of Christ and your spirit glows. you pour out love and joy like a waterfall and our lives are richer because of you. your running is awesome, your writing talent is crazy good, your drawings are brilliant but your expression of God’s spirit will alwas be your summit element. we so need that in this old world my sweet. so go forth with courage and authenticity and abandon to the Lord’s leading. your balcony people will continue to cheer you on!

    • Rebekah says:

      Aunt Lez, that is the sweetest, most extravagantly loving comment I’ve ever gotten. YOU are the amazing one. And you see everyone through such a lens of love. I’m so thankful for you. Love, love, love you.

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