Yay for Free WiFi in the Airport!

April 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m sitting at my gate at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, typing this blog post on my iPhone. It’s a little after 10am and I am about to get on a jet plane and head to Cincinnati, then Boston.

The past week has been a whirlwind with little time to sleep or eat, much less check Twitter, strategize my marathon hydration plan or catch up on schoolwork (that’s what grad students are supposed to do over spring break, apparently). But this morning, after running a ‘marathon simulation’ run (warm-up and cool-down with 2 miles at race pace in between); finding out via multiple kind tweets, texts and calls that my email had been hacked and my account deleted; packing all the last minute things like phone chargers and a toothbrush; and finishing a Gary Weins podcast, I started to breathe. As I did, gratefulness and awe began to bubble up.

For the people in my life whom I have done nothing to deserve and yet who love me so unreservedly.

For the God who never ceases to surprise me with the lavish gifts He provides.

For fresh hope and the uniquely beautiful painting that is emerging from what I once thought was an amateur trompe l’oeil. My brief yet weighty time on earth.

For life.

For not being in control but not being out-of-control either.

For fun.

For mystery.

For work and opportunity.

For longing.

It’s funny in an airport because so many people are on the cusp of the unknown all together. Whether the mundane unknown of a business trip or the exotic adventure of a honeymoon, no one knows what’s next. It’s part of being human, really, but it’s accentuated in an airport. Maybe that’s why so many people get drunk to fly.

In the next few days, I’m going to do something hard. No one ever said 26.2 was a walk in the park. But it’s unadulterated, untampered with, rip-the-muffler-off life. The beauty, pain, and foolishness of it all packaged up in foot travel from Point A to Point B. That’s why I love it.

That’s why I’m sitting in an airport headed to Cincinnati. Like everyone, not knowing what’s next but confidently expecting a healthy mix of glory and suffering.

Yeah, buddy. Let’s go.


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§ 2 Responses to Yay for Free WiFi in the Airport!

  • Jamie says:

    LoveloveLove this! You have such an inspiring attitude and I’m excited for your Boston moment! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear more about the race when you have time!

  • Sarah says:

    That’s the spirit! So pumped for you & excited for the adventure of life unfolding before you. Love you!

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