Things I Love About Running: Photo Edition.

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is how the day started.  Compression socks, ice packs (ie., frozen berries and frozen edamame).

Then I went for an easy recovery run down Capital Heights, one of my favorite Baton Rouge neighborhoods, and I took pictures while I was running.  Yes, it was exciting.  It was a thrill.  And I’m sharing it with you.


cool truck.




one of my favorite houses in BR. i love the aqua. i love the door. i love the trees. yes and yes.

this is fuzzy cause i was running, but those are lemons! aren't they magical?

also fuzzy, but this is Hundred Oaks Blvd, and it's so beautiful to run on.


that says, "Hot Boiled & Live Crawfish." poor crawdaddies. but that's life {in Louisiana}.


i had to slow down when i saw this sign. (i kid, i kid.)


love this house. let's be honest: i just love those garage doors.


another one of my favorite houses! so cheerful.


And this is what I looked like when I got back!

What, that’s not what you look like when you get done running?


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