Will this day ever end?

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

I woke up this morning at 4:52am, 8 minutes before my alarm clock.  By the time my alarm actually went off, I had made coffee, gotten halfway dressed (running shorts + sleeping shirt + fuzzy purple robe is a look reserved for pre-dawn hours) , made my lunch, drunk a glass of water, and checked my email.

I was impressed.

Two tests were on the schedule:

  • Econometrics at 9:00am (spellcheck doesn’t even recognize econometrics as a word, because it shouldn’t exist.  It was invented by sick, sick people who didn’t care about anything, including spelling)
  • and Macroeconomics at 3:00pm (1 hr., 11 minutes from now).

I’m telling you, it won’t get here.  I am so saturated in boring information I can hardly take it, and I am afraid it’s going to start leaking out of my brain onto the floor any minute.  I have gone to the bathroom, studied, gone to fill up my water bottle, studied, gone to the Coke machine for a can of Coke Zero, studied, checked Twitter, studied, read blogs, and studied some more.

I’m concerned.

This is my concerned face.

So I thought, in lieu of more studying, I would tell you about my workout today.  I did some treadmill speed and it was a pretty simple workout–just 400m repeats with 400m recovery, which is kind of wimpy, if you really think about it, but who cares.  I hate the thought of speedwork and I have to give myself lots of treats, like long recoveries, to make myself do it.

But it was really fun once I got into it!  I was planning to do 8 and I went ahead and did 10.  But the main thing I wanted to share was how I remembered which number I was on.  I read about this in the April issue of Runner’s World and I always forget how many reps I’ve done when I do speedwork so I thought I’d try it.  You just assign a letter of the alphabet, starting at A, to each rep and associate a word with each one. Super simple, right? But it helped! I made some of them into little mantras to keep myself going during that rep.

I didn’t start till E, when I started having trouble remembering (maybe it’s the Coke Zero).  But here are my words:

  • E for efficiency.  Efficient gait, efficient form.
  • F for Farah – you know, Mo?
  • G for Goucher. Kara Goucher just came in 3rd at the NYC half.  She’s a beast.  Run like Goucher, run like Goucher.  Yes, I’m corny.  But I got the rep done. 
  • H for Hall. Duh.  I didn’t repeat anything during this one, but pictured myself running with Ryan.  I would be running full out and he would be recovering and chatting to me about Jesus.
  • I for If.  I told myself during the recovery right before this that if I could think of a runner whose first name started with ‘I’ that I would do 10 reps instead of 8.  Then I realized that was stupid and I should just go for 10.  IF you’ve got it in you, go for it!
  • J for Jenny.  I thought about Jenny Simpson, but mostly I thought about Jenny Wilde, a longtime friend, longtime runner and someone whose approach to life and running I have always admired. She’s running Cap10K this weekend in Austin with my sister and I so wish I could be there!  Ran this last rep for her. 

Alright, time to use these memory tricks on Macro.

Do you have any memory tricks you use when doing speedwork? Or any mantras you repeat to get yourself going?


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