Is running fun?

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was texting with my dad today about watercoloring and he made this simple statement:

The main thing is having fun.

I started thinking about this: in relationship to art, work, relationships, spirituality, and everything else, fun is a simple way of saying

  • life-giving
  • colorful
  • surprising
  • funny
  • enjoyable for itself, not for what it produces 

Sometimes I get too goal-oriented.  I forget to have fun in my training.  I focus on knocking off the miles instead of noticing the daffodils in bloom or the heron in the cypress (I love my running route around the LSU lakes!).

But the real truth is, running is most fun when I just go–not for speed, not for distance, not because my training schedule says to or I have a race coming up.  But when I just bounce along to feel the breeze, smile at the dogs, notice what’s around me, sprint down a hill or power up one to feel my muscles work–that’s when I remember why I run.

Because it’s fun.



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