Chris Caine and muddy calves.

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just a quick note today to direct you over to the fabulous blog of speaker, author, founder of The A21 Campaign, runner and all-around fireball, Christine Caine.  She’s doing a devotional series right now that parallels marathon training with following Jesus and it’s been really fun to follow.  Her post this morning nailed me on what it means to wait on God in an active, participatory sense.  Definitely worth signing up to get in your inbox every morning!

Interesting tidbit: Did you know that when you run in mud, if you have tons of mud on the back of your calves, it means you have weak glutes? I had heard this but didn’t believe it (because I always have splatter and like to give myself the benefit of the doubt) but over Christmas break, right after a hard rain in Texas, I ran with Sarah (speedy sister) and she had been working on glute strength for several months.  At the end of the run, my tights were had mud chicken pox and hers were completely clean.

Humbling? Ahem.

After my session with Ian and the subsequent rainy day yesterday, I was interested to see how the old calves fared after my run today.  See for yourself:



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