Running and writing about running.

March 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’ve decided it’s time for me to have a blog about running. If I had one piece of advice for new runners to help them stay motivated, it would be read running blogs.  Knowing other people are out there–real people, with real jobs and relationships and snooze buttons–putting in the miles, wondering about the aches and pains, and setting PRs that you don’t even dream of yet is something that helps get me going and, more importantly, keeps me going.

I’m injured right now. Yes, 5 1/2 weeks before the Boston Marathon, I’ve got some sort of hip thing going on.  I didn’t run today.  Which is probably why I’m blogging.  This post should really be called, “Stir Crazy Marathoner Takes Out Frustration on Computer.”  This day, aside from being a wash productivity-wise (though I did play a 76-point words on Words With Friends), has been spent

  • wondering about my hip
  • reading shocking and completely discouraging Runner’s World forums about hip pain
  • trying to apply self-massage
  • emailing a local Active Release Therapy (ART) practitioner and asking if he would let me do some writing or editing in exchange for an ART session (that’s called cheap desperation, folks)
  • buying a $15 bottle of an MSM/Chondroiton/Glucosamine vitamin compound
  • doing strengthening exercises
  • and now, if you must know, I’m sitting on a package of half-frozen peas.

I PR’d last weekend at the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon with my speedy sister.

By all predictions, I should be able to PR at Boston, too.  I’ve only run one other marathon, so it just makes sense that I should PR, regardless of the fact that I’ve put in the miles and work.  But now I’m sidelined–could be for a couple of days (please, Lord!) or it could be longer.

Good time to start blogging.

For those of you who can run pain-free right now, go lace up!  Run an extra mile for me.  Or actually, don’t.  Listen to your body. If you’re going too hard, scale back.  Frozen peas belong in your freezer, not on your glutes.

Happy running!


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