December 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

The above link will lead you to a vitamin-rich, toothsome essay about why someone like me would want to farm.  I love farmers.

THAT ^ link will lead you to the coolest thing going on in cinema right now.  Be warned before you click: you may suddenly become obsessed with a deep desire to become a farmer.  Okay, now go!


when does christmas break start?

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

So much to do today I can hardly breathe!  Somebody call halt.  And yet, when I look at everything I “have” to do after work, it’s all my choice and an effort to have a FULL life.  Which part do I want to cut?  None of it.  The baking could go.  I could skip my coffee date, or my run to Garden Ridge for Christmas packaging (to mail the treat I made for my dad).  But it’s all the little things that combine themselves into something that ends up as “the holidays.”  January 2 will come, and it will be over, and we’ll take the tree down and pour out the eggnog (well…maybe not).  It’s busy, but it’s worth it.


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