things i love about my life.

September 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Let me preface this by saying that it has been a hard week.  That’s all I’ll say on that.  Or is it?  Can you relate to feeling caught between a rock and hard place who are both crying out for you to make them happy?  And can you relate to feeling that every drop of glamour, excitement, and idealism has drained out of your life?  Can you relate to hating bureaucracy and getting paid to wade through it with no shore in sight…not even a sand bar.

Well, I had a better day.  I sort of got some breakthrough today, even.  And as I was walking to take the trash out after my run, I felt absolutely exhilarated (thank You, Lord, for endorphins).  I started to think about things I love about my life:

  • I am never in a hurry anymore.  Want to have coffee with me?  I’ll give you my whole evening.
  • I can run without feeling competitive, driven, or guilty (for not going farther/faster).  I just run for fun.
  • The glorious people who care for me and I for them.  It means more than I ever thought it could for someone to hear me and take it to heart and tell me their hearts in a way that shows trust.
  • Sitting on my couch in the morning with the most incredible Man Who takes care of me and speaks life to my soul and goes with me to my office every day.
  • The emails that appear in my inbox every couple of weeks from someone I so love being friends with.
  • The gentle rhythms of my days and weeks, like the waves.  If I let them, they get monotonous.  But if I look beyond them, into the deep ways of the Mastermind, they are so beautiful.

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