vineyards in a wilderness.

July 7, 2008 § 1 Comment

I’m in the waiting stage.  I’ve tried to jump ahead and push my way through multiple times…

  • searching for a place to live
  • thinking i found the place to live and practically signing the lease
  • wishing i was dating
  • running headlong into yet another situation of unavailability (I’m going to learn one day not to like someone who’s in another state, not ready to date, or already dating…I really am)
  • wanting things and thinking about it a lot…realignment of my wheels on my car, heels for work, a ticket to LA to see Rachel, a new computer, books about project management…but not having a paycheck yet


But the Lord is clearly speaking that He’s allured me into the wilderness and He wants me to just




No more pushing ahead with my own agenda.  Just wait for His surprises!  He wants me all to Himself right now.  He wants me for His pleasure.  And I want to be His resting place, the one He looks to when His eyes are searching for someone loyal.  I don’t want to be the grumbling girl.  But sometimes I just feel like

  • fingerpainting angry colors
  • getting in my car and driving fast
  • and not caring that I might as well be setting hundred dollar bills on fire.




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