June 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

So.  I’m here.  And you’re there.  [Unless you’re reading this, Mom…in which case, you’re sitting right by me on the couch.]  It feels like not much has changed since I’ve been away, except all the carpet is torn up in the living room and in its place is an expanse of huge, beautiful tiles that make my voice echo-ey. 

In some ways, I feel about the same, too.  Still a little girl in a big world, hoping to stumble upon some roots…crusty, gnarly, intertwined roots that insist on having me stay in one place and grow very tall and bear delicious fruit (Jeremiah 17).  But also different.  Less restless and ravenous.  More longing.  Like looking into a sunset and loving it, but wanting to be IN it.  Wanting it to be in me.


Man, one thing’s different: I can’t quit writing in fragments.  Read the above again.  Where are all the complete sentences?  Gosh, that degree in writing got me nowhere.  Six months down the road and I’ve forgotten how to put a subject and an object together in a meaningful way, and I’m applying for jobs in everything from healthcare to housekeeping.  🙂




I’m so grateful for you.  How did I get so lucky to be me and have you?  I love rubbing elbows with you, and even if our elbows are in separate states right now, I’m just so glad that they made each others’ acquaintance.  It’ll happen again.  I think He likes when our elbows are together.







§ One Response to elbows.

  • Jessica says:

    i tend to favor the fragments over the complete sentences, so a big high-five from me. : ) i like your posts, especially your most recent about the river. i got some chills, for sure. keep writing, bekah…as fragmentally as you’d like. 😉

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