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Does anyone have any opinions on the leading of God?  Can it be God if it makes you miserable and hurts the people you love the most and seems really stupid? 


dave sliker is a genius.

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Doing my work assignment, transcribing for Dave Sliker…I’m blown away every Friday morning.  He’s talking about Ham, Shem, and Japheth and the continual insistence of Israel [ie, Shem] to try to be like the other nations.  He shows how that evolves in the minor prophets, and my ears perked up when he started talking about agriculture. 

Check this out:

“[Israel was] benefiting in an economic way with trade that divorced them from agriculture, that got them into prosperity and got them into trouble.  They are divorced from an agricultural dependence on God; they come into a trade system that blesses them financially.  They divorce themselves from God.  They become fully apostate.  And they become almost fully indistinguishable from the other nations.” 

 In other words, farming is godly.  I knew it.

my brother.

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he\'s a looker.



if you haven’t heard me talk about how ridiculously amazing my brother is, then you probably don’t really know me. 

he is a rock star.  in so many ways.

he just emailed me this picture of him in a tux.  he’s going to prom tonight.  [the first powell to go to a prom. ]  he’s taking a girl.  [she is one lucky human being.]  keep in mind that he’s 6’5″.  and that his name is boone.  i wish i could fly home just to bear witness.



my sister.

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she comes in two days.

she is one of the most beautiful beings walking the planet.

it’s amazing we’ve fought so much in our lifetimes.  that must say something about me.

things i’m looking forward to doing when she’s here:

  • cooking something gourmet and veggiful.  zucchini, corn, and black bean enchiladas are a possibilty.  so is homemade pizza with portabella mushrooms.
  • walking the plaza with the sun on my face and tulips all over the place. 
  • laughing long together.
  • being seen with her.


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