rain love.

March 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

I woke up this morning to thunder.  I grabbed my phone to see how much of the day I had missed…and was thrilled to find out I’d missed more than usual. 

 I haven’t accomplished anything very interesting today.  [It’s my day off.]

  • i ate roast beef au jus.
  • i ran across a busy street in the rain.
  • i laughed at my sister.
  • i got bad news about my dog.
  • i wasted time looking at random blogs.
  • i bought something purple.

Now, I’m at my new favorite coffee shop with my sweet roommate, Carolyn.  She’s reading Rewards of Fasting, which is due in three days.  [I’ve read two chapters.]  I’m soaking in the aura of high ceilings, exposed brick walls, red hardwood floors, fireplace, random music mix, leather couch, and quiet murmurs of people telling stories about homemade cheese, Rush Limbaugh, and St. Patrick’s Day adventures.  Out my window, little tables and chairs are dripping wet and cars are slushing through shiny streets. 

Thirty more minutes of delicious free time. 

I need to go change shoes.


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