please disregard last post.

March 8, 2008 § 1 Comment

Wow, please don’t decide what kind of writer I am based on the post below.  I just re-read it.  Bleck.  I’m not really sure where I was going with the fabric brightener (is there even such a thing?) analogy.  Or how anyone else was supposed to figure out why a conversation about lotion and college made me feel better.  Huh.

Now I’m scared to write anything else.  Somehow clicking “publish” garbles everything and, on the actual blog, makes it sound trite and sappy… 


§ One Response to please disregard last post.

  • adlawrence says:

    And what if we do not wish to disregard it? I have enough of my own, and read enough of others’, BAD days that it is uplifting to read yours. I liken it to the moment when your mood shifts and suddenly, and unexpectedly, you find yourself smiling and listing to just how nice it is to hear birds sing. Thank you for both posts. The first for the reasons just mentioned and the second, doubting one, to call my attention to the first and remind myself not to doubt my own postings.

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