a fist.

November 9, 2007 § Leave a comment


Seriously, this is important.

Read the article above. When I think about this situation, and the wealthy agribusiness investors who are getting paid by the government while smaller farms shrivel up and die, words kind of well up inside me and never make it out in an intelligable way. Ineffable–that is how I feel about the state of subsidized farming. And about the way it makes waves [toxic waves] all the way to Sierra Leone, Uruguay, and Mongolia. Toni Morrison, who I generally don’t quote, did express my feeling, though: it’s like a fist in my chest just waiting to release its forefinger like a skinning knife. Hey, she said it, not me.

The worst part is, this is one issue. A very big issue, but I’m sure you could tell me about the issue that makes you aware of a fist in your chest. Orphans, domestic violence, AIDS, illiteracy, economic development, loneliness, heartbreak, depression… It goes on and on. I just don’t understand how so many who have vast resources (i.e., most of America) can just watch it all go by. How do they watch it all go by? Why can’t I?


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